New Construction

New Construction

New Construction

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Ardent Construction is the solution for your home remodeling and renovation needs. We are careful to preserve the historical or unique features of your home while incorporating designs that will complement those features. We work with you to honor the past while bringing your home into the 21st century. Ardent carefully blends past and present by preserving original architectural details when feasible while creating open areas, utilizing modern design, and functionality. We don't erase memories from your home; we enhance them.

Whole Home Remodeling

At Ardent Construction, we believe homes that have stood the test of time should be preserved. When we remodel your home, regardless of how old or new it is, we pay strict attention to detail. We don't overlook any aspect of your home when we are remodeling it. We only use materials that meet our stringent standards and will accentuate your home. We will work to restore your home from top to bottom making sure that it complies with code and can function in the digital age. We understand the sentimental value that your home carries and every member of the Ardent team involved in restoring your home will treat it as if it were their own. If your home is Victorian, Colonial, or mid-twentieth century and is in need of fixing up or expansion, let Ardent Construction do the job.

Home Additions

Do you need to expand your home? Maybe you Require additional space for your family or need room for a gym or home office. Home additions are an excellent way to expand your current home without jeopardizing the structural integrity or historical aspects of your home. There are a number of techniques to add space to your existing home. Room additions traditionally consist of building a first-floor addition or adding a second story. First-floor additions are a popular choice to create additional space for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. They can also be used to build a more substantial garage. These additions can increase the area of your home with minimal disruption. Second story additions are also used to add additional bedrooms or attic space.

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Basement Remodeling

Basements are an excellent way to utilize unused space in your home. Basements have been known to go untouched by homeowners. Often a basement will sit unused for years; many of those basements are incomplete. Whether these basements were unfinished due to the time or budgetary constraints when the home was being built, there is a great opportunity to repurpose your basement for a specific want or need you may have.

Whether you need an additional bedroom, an office, or a recreation room, your basement can be redesigned to accommodate your lifestyle and give your home additional square footage. Renovating your unused or unfinished basement can give you extra space without sacrificing your yard.

Here are some of the many things your basement can be used for:

A Work Room.

A Home Office.

An Additional Bedroom.

A Movie Room.

A Playroom.

A Wine Cellar.

An in-law suite.

Repurposing and renovating your basement will not only give you much-needed space; it can add resale value to your house. What you want to do with your basement is only limited by your imagination and building codes.

New Construction
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New Construction

Ardent Construction Services will take a passionate approach to building any project including your new home from concept to completion or a small shed in your backyard.

Building a new home can be an exciting, sometimes stressful, process for the homeowner. At Ardent we are aware of the expectations homeowners may have for their house that is being built, and we strive to meet or exceed those expectations. From the moment the purchase agreement is signed until the paint dries on your new home, our team puts quality and efficiency at the forefront of their thoughts. We will use the contacts we have made in our years of construction to hasten permits and inspections. It is our goal that you move into your new home as quickly as possible. With that in mind here are the stages of your new home construction:

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Laying the Foundation

After a design has been chosen by the homeowner, or custom design created, the process of laying a foundation can begin. The foundation can be laid by the Ardent team on the homeowner's property and takes approximately a week to dry (cure) if there is not a large amount of precipitation in the atmosphere.

Plumbing and Wires

After the foundation has cured, plumbing will be installed. Water and sewer lines will be run to the kitchen, bathrooms, and any other room that requires plumbing. Gas lines may also be installed at this time if they are needed. After that wiring will be run under the slab. The process is known as rough-in and takes place before the exterior of the home is constructed.

Putting Together the Interior

Constructing the Exterior Walls

After the foundation has cured and pipes and wiring have been installed, construction of the walls can begin. Concrete block is used to provide a strong and sturdy exterior. Our team will make sure that only top-quality materials are used in the construction of your home's exterior walls. Steel or concrete that has any defects will be disposed of and replaced.

Putting Together the Interior

After the exterior walls are up, construction of the interior of your home can begin. This is the stage where rooms are created. Walls, beams, rafters and more are engineered to assure proper structural integrity throughout the house. At this point, some interior construction is left until the late stages of the framing process known as "punch out."

tooping _off_your new house

Topping Off Your New House

After all the needed support walls have been constructed, the roof can be put on the new home. Adding the roof to a new home is the most challenging stage in the process, everything must fit together perfectly for the roof to be constructed. Ardent's team of experienced roofing professionals know how to make sure the roof goes on quickly and correctly.

Installation of Fixtures, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning Ducts

This stage is self-explanatory. Bathtubs, sinks, showers and additional plumbing are installed at this stage. Air ducts and the air handler that will be connected to the air conditioner are also installed during this phase of construction. Electricians will "rough-in" wiring to lights and lines for cable tv and telephone are also installed at this point.

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Insulation and Stucco

Insulation and Stucco

The next step is when insulation is installed in the walls that require it and in certain parts of the ceiling. All holes in exterior walls are filled to maintain airtightness. Exterior stucco or envelope cladding is usually applied at this time.

The Finishing Touches

In the last stage, drywall and trim are installed and painted. Cabinets are installed, along with countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. Light fixtures, switches and more are installed. Carpet is put down (if any), and the home is cleaned up.

The Finishing Touches


Get Back to the Outdoors with a Custom Deck

A wood or composite deck creates a synergy between your house and the outdoors. It allows a link between your home and nature, allowing you to utilize the space outside to reconnect with it. A deck also allows you to turn areas that are challenging to use, like inclines or embankments into aesthetically pleasing areas for outdoor use.  Your family will have an enjoyable alternative to sitting in front of the TV, computer or looking at a smartphone. You will be able to commune with wildlife and hear the wind blow through the trees. At night your family can gather around a fire and maybe catch a glimpse of a shooting star. A deck gives you're a chance to de-stress and enjoy the wonders the outdoors has to offer.

We Listen to You

Our experienced team at Ardent Construction Services will partner with you to create a unique and functional wood or composite deck design that makes the most of the available space in your yard. We will get to know you, your family's habits, and your ideas for a perfect deck. Regardless of if you want a simple deck connected to your home to greet guests, or an ornate deck with multiple levels and features which could include gazebos, benches, planters, and more; our team will make your vision into a reality.  If you are unsure of what you want one of our experienced and friendly staff members will be happy to advise you on the types of decks available and their features.


A Wide Range of Uses

Some of the actives or events you could hold on your new deck are:

A Child's Birthday Party.

A Backyard Barbeque.

A Marshmallow Roast.


Relaxing After Work.

A Family Reunion.

A Wedding.


Adding Value to Your Home

You are probably aware that a deck will add enjoyment to your family, but did you know it’s a smart investment in your property that could increase your home's resale value? A wood or composite deck has proven to be an excellent remodeling investment. A deck can pay for itself by regaining over 80% of its cost in a home value increase. Using sub-standard materials can erode that investment. Ardent only uses top quality lumber it the construction of our decks to ensure your deck will stand up to the elements and be around for the long term. Your deck will be there for the sale of your home down the road or for your enjoyment in retirement.

Minimal Invasiveness

Our team will treat your home as they would their own. They will make sure not to track dirt or sawdust into your house when they have to come inside. They will work quickly to reduce the amount of time that noise will disrupt your home. Our staff will ensure that all permitting is obtained as soon as possible so as not to prolong the amount of time construction will take. When we are finished our team will clean up after themselves and minimize the footprint, they leave behind.

So, if you have been thinking about a deck for your home, don't hesitate, call Ardent Construction Services today.


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Residential Electrical Services

Ardent Construction Services provides electrical services that you can count on no matter what type of home construction project you have. Our highly trained licensed electricians bring a distinct level of expertise to each job they do, consistently delivering quality results each time. Electrical installations for residential construction or renovations require unique skills to finish all of the wiring, lighting, and electrical installation needed for the project safely and adequately. Expert electrical skills are necessary to produce results to complete the project on time and on budget. At Ardent our team is aware of time and money constraints and will work quickly without sacrificing quality to ensure your home or renovation project is not delayed. A walk through is performed at each level of home construction is where wiring is installed.

Ardent strives to use the latest technology and techniques during the electrical installation phases during construction or renovation.  We only use quality products, fixtures, cabling, and wiring, to produce aesthetically pleasing results that meet or exceed code requirements. Substantial time and care are taken by our electrical team to ensure precise detailing and completion of all electrical work for all new home construction or renovation projects. We will treat your new or existing home as our own when our electricians run wire in your future home, or replace that old fuse box with a new electrical panel in your existing home.


Commercial Lighting and Lighting Replacement

Our commercial electricians can help your business see the light through the installation of new lighting. Regardless of it is inside your office or retail space, or lighting up the darkened areas around your building, Ardent's team of electricians have both the skill and experience to illuminate your business. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will take the time to discuss what your lighting needs your company has and how to best address those needs. Perhaps you have a large retail space that has been using the same fluorescent lighting system since the 1970s; it takes employee time to change out the fluorescent tubes that are always burning out because the light ballasts that were replaced twenty years ago cause the bulbs to go out faster. Why keep using the same old inefficient lighting system? Ardent Construction Services can replace your old lighting system with a new system that will save on electrical costs, produce more natural light than fluorescent bulbs, and won't have to have bulbs replaced consistently. We utilize only top-quality parts and equipment to meet or exceed our commercial customer's expectations.

At Ardent Construction Services, we back each project with our reputation and results, guaranteeing that each customer will be satisfied with the quality of the commercial lighting work when we have completed the job. When we are finished, you will have an efficient and reliable lighting system for your office or retail space.


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Green Materials

In the 21st century, green homes are not a pipe dream that takes an enormous amount of effort to make a reality. Even those who are not concerned with the environment see the power saving potential in a green home and the peace of mind that comes from not worrying about toxic materials used in construction. Ardent Construction Services is committed to using green materials in the construction of your new home or renovation of your existing home whenever possible. We will use the lowest volatile organic compound products that are available to reduce our environmental footprint.

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Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels (also known as SIPs) are made from composite materials using a foam core. They come in several different lengths and do not use studs. Because the foam inside a structural insulated panel is not punctured, it provides a higher level of insulation than traditional building

Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete Forms (IFC) are made from the insulated concrete foams blocks. The exterior of the form is a flat sheet of foam insulation. The sheets combine with a plastic frame. After the foundation has been laid and construction of the home's exterior is underway, the insulated concrete forms blocks are connected, laced with rebar, and concrete poured into them.



Any truly green home will use solar panels. Ardent offers solar panels to help power your home and reduce your electric bills. We will install panels to produce power or heat water on your new or existing home. Photovoltaic solar panels have the potential to keep you from using electricity from the power company.

Smart Lighting

LED lighting uses significantly less power than standard lighting and will reduce your monthly power bill. A standard 60-watt lightbulb costs about $300 a year to run, a LED light with the same lighting capacity only costs $30 a year to use. There is no toxic mercury in LED lighting making a home with LED environmentally sustainable. Ardent Building Services can Install LED

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